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Financial Feasibility Assessment

A financial feasibility assessment is critical to the economic viability of any development or investment. Urbanics has extensive industry-based experience pertaining to financial feasibility analyses, allowing for reduced investment risk and the accurate yield of opportunities. Each analysis is tailored specifically to each client and project, including varying levels of complexity, perspective and financial structuring. Outputs of the analyses may include:

  • Determination of financial feasibility of a project
  • Assessment of financial performance of a real estate asset
  • Development of economic planning guidelines designed to maximize monetary return
  • Estimation of project costs, revenues, expenses and equity requirements
  • Identification of likely sources of debt and equity funding
  • Preparation of pro forma income and cash flow statements
  • Discounted cash flow and rate of return analysis
  • Preparation of funding packages for potential lenders and investors
  • Joint venture partnership calculations including equity, debt, and profits
  • Comparative assessment of alternative development schemes
  • Assessment of market and development risks through sensitivity analysis