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Urbanics Consultants Ltd. is one of Canada's leading firms of land economists, planners, policy analysts and development management consultants. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our firm offers real estate planning and implementation services for all forms of retail, office, industrial, residential, recreational, and other land uses both in North America and around the world. Our work spans from small-scale developments to projects focusing on entire Municipalities and Regions.



We offer a wide variety of services, which can be divided into seven major categories:


  • Shopping Centre Planning

  • Urban Policy, Planning and Development

  • Land Use Marketability Studies

  • Financial and Economic Analysis

  • Development Services

  • Master-planning and Large Scale Studies

  • Other Specialty Services

(View of Marine Building, Image courtsey of Richard Hulbert)


Urbanics Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1976 by President, Philip Boname. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Urbanics has amassed extensive experience in urban planning and development policy, land use analysis, financial feasibility, downtown revitalization, transit studies, mixed-use developments, economic impact assessments, highest and best use studies and a variety of related disciplines, ranging from small-scale developments to entire Municipalities and Regions.


Mission & Values:

We are committed to greater economic and environmental sustainability in our communities. Much of our work focuses on identifying preferred combinations of market-supported land uses and ensuring long-term economic viability of our built environments. We are committed to developing strategies for recycling brownfield properties, enhancing energy efficiency in new developments and creating higher density mixed-use developments. Even in our day-to-day activities we minimize our environmental-footprint by reducing energy consumption and waste, and supporting recycling.

We offer a unique combination of pragmatic experience along with exceptional technical knowledge. Our professional staff members have strong professional, academic and research backgrounds in urban economics, real estate, planning and development. Our staff includes a PhD in urban economics, two MBA’s in real estate, a bachelor in urban planning and a bachelor in commerce with specialization in real estate.