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Development Management


We have a long history of working with owners and developers in managing real estate projects from the pre-planning phase, through to development, and all the way to the operation of assets. Our services include:


  • Project planning

  • Project development

  • Approvals

  • Project management

  • Disposition of assets


Some of our recent projects include:

Maple Ridge Rezoning

Maple Ridge, BC (Ongoing)

The highest and best use study examined the redevelopment options available for a 5 acre site in Maple Ridge, BC. The study recommended a comprehensive, mixed-use development of approximately 980,000 square feet incorporating business park space, office, retail, live-work, residential, assisted living and public amenity spaces. Due to the confined site and urban nature of the project, parking facilities and loading docks are planned to be located below grade. 

Andres Wines Site Disposition Strategy

Port Moody, BC (2005-2011)

The study examined the redevelopment options available for a former winery site in Port Moody by using the highest and best use analytic framework. It recommended approximately 650,000 square feet of mixed-use development incorporating various business park, retail, office, residential and public amenity spaces. Urbanics continues to work as project manager for Andrew Peller Limited, to assist in rezoning applications and to implement the preferred disposition of its land holdings.

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