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Urbanics Consultants Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading firms of land economists, planners, policy analysts and development management consultants. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we offer real estate analysis, planning, and implementation services for all forms of retail, office, industrial, residential, recreational, and other land uses throughout North America. Our work spans small-scale developments to projects focusing on entire Municipalities and Regions.
Urbanics was founded in 1976 by President, Philip Boname. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Urbanics has amassed extensive experience in urban planning and development policy, market studies, financial feasibility analyses, downtown revitalization, transit-oriented development, mixed-use development, economic impact assessments, highest and best use studies, and a variety of related disciplines.
Simply put: Urbanics creates great places. Whether through planning or economic and financial analysis, we are in the business of identifying preferred combinations of market-supported land uses – ensuring the long-term economic and social viability of our built environments.
Urbanics offers a unique combination of pragmatic experience along with exceptional technical knowledge. Our professional staff members have strong professional and academic backgrounds in urban economics, planning, and development. Our staff includes two analysts with backgrounds in economics and business, and three professional planners including a PhD candidate in urban geography. We are united by a drive to apply rigorous and creative thinking in service of creating great urban communities that grow into their full potential.