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Squamish Nation Land Use Analysis and Master planning

Date: 2023 – 2024
Client: Squamish Nation, HCMA

Urbanics Consultants are honoured to have been brought aboard as part of a multidisciplinary team of consultants to assist Nch’ḵay̓ Development and the Squamish Nation with visioning and master planning for Ch’ḵw’elhp and St’á7mes, two reserve sites in the territory of the Squamish Nation abutting Howe Sound.  In a wide-ranging study of nation member housing, market rental and leasehold opportunities, industrial development potential, recreational and resort opportunities, and commercial and retail needs, Urbanics has assisted the project team with market analytics and economic analysis.

These recommendations have helped shape the course of the project and helped the team and client understand the frontier of opportunities that can unlocked with the community assets the Nation possesses to serve social, cultural, financial, and other worthy goals.  Urbanics was able to provide estimates of viable scale for real estate development and potential development revenue, as well as insights into the industrial, residential, and commercial real estate markets in communities abutting Howe Sound.