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Waterfront Projects


We take great pride in our experience with several large and internationally respected waterfront projects. These projects typically involve significant engineering and site development capital costs but can be developed into highly vibrant and  successful urban environments. These projects can also revitalize a previously environmentally degraded industrial district into a successful retailing and residential district as well as energize the public realm in the process. These studies include:


  • Demographic and socio-economic analyses

  • Population and employment projections

  • Site and area assessments

  • Land use needs and demand projections 

  • Public consulting, workshops and surveys

  • Financial assessment

  • Phasing plans and implementation recommendations

Some of our notable studies include:

Waterfront Development

Al-Buhairat, Saudi Arabia (1994)

The study examine the economic viability of developing two major, mixed-use commercial districts in a new, 4 sq. km. quasi-resort community on the shores of the Red Sea, north of Jeddah. The proposed development included a high quality beach resort, waterfront boardwalks, landscaped island parks, a major marina, yacht club, hotels, luxury condos and apartments and a retail promenade. The study included

  • Land use studies

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Financial feasibility analysis   

Qingdao Waterfront Redevelopment

Qingdao, Shandong Province, China (2001)

Urbanics provided services for coordinating the work of urban planners, urban designers, and other consultants in evolving a major, CBD-related waterfront, mixed-use project (former shipyard) involving over 100 acres of both public and private sector land uses including public amenities, festive settings, marinas and arts and cultural pursuits. The study included:

  • Determination of development potential

  • Land use marketability analysis

  • Management

Coal Harbour

Vancouver, BC (1988- 1990's)

Coal Harbour is part of downtown Vancouver that just three decades ago was an area of railway yards, marinas, float plane terminals and parking lots. Urbanics has made a significant contribution in turning this area into one of Vancouver's most desirable urban communities. Urbanics was involved in:

  • Developing the preliminary master plan

  • Conducting market analysis

  • Creating the phasing program

  • Conducting retail impact analysis 

False Creek North

Vancouver, BC (1987-1990's)

Urbanics has been involved in transforming False Creek area which was formerly dominated by heavy industry railways, sawmills and factories. The transformations have dramatically changed Vancouver’s downtown skyline as well as its waterfront public realm. Urbanics was involved in:

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Absorption rate analysis

  • Development program

  • Urban merchandising (tenant mix, etc.) 

  • Master planning

  • Derivation of land value 

  • Negotiation

  • Land disposition


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