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Trends and Strategies


Urbanics provides information related to industry standards, trends, and best practices in respect to power-centres, large-format retail, interior-malls, lifestyle centres, hybrid centres, neighbourhood centres, mixed-use retail components, and specific sub-components, such as food courts. These industry reviews help guide developers and building owners in planning future retail projects, as well as reconfiguring existing projects.


These services include:

  • Macro analysis of market conditions

  • Competitive context

  • Local and international best practices

  • Customized retail strategies

  • Branding and marketing initiatives

Some of our recent studies include:

Regional Centre - Food Court Standards Review

Central City, Surrey, BC (2012)

  • In order to determine what improvements were needed to raise the financial performance of food court tenants, a detailed review of industry standards and competitive facilities was conducted

  • Seating ratios, common area size, furniture and fixture qualities, tenant mix, number of tenants, size of tenant frontage, and interior design and architectural qualities were identified and analyzed

  • A customer survey was conducted to gauge changing preferences in respect to food court features, shopping habits, preferred food types and other related information

Downtown and Main Street Retailing Strategy Review

Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC (2013)

  • An inventory and discussion of successful main street retailing precincts throughout North America was included within a market and downtown revitalization study

  • In addition to discussing the features, size, landscaping, store types, and intrinsic qualities of each area, this discussion included a review of the market dynamics which supported these conglomerations of businesses

  • The role of municipal programs and business groups, such as BIAs, were discussed in regards to enabling each areas’ success

Qualities of Festival and Specialty Market Places

Roundhouse Market Place - Victoria, BC (2011)

  • As the project included heritage railway buildings, which were to be restored and house much of the retail facilities, there was an opportunity to create a project that leveraged the heritage quality of the site

  • The study provided an in-depth look at festival and specialty retailing, identified the themes, strategies and alternative features used in the development of these spaces

Branding Rationalization

New Westminster, BC (2013)

  • Assisted in demonstrating the market rationalization of key branding initiatives to the Client's landlord, a public transportation corporation

  • Concerned a retail project, closely integrated with a rapid transit station

  • Provided a detailed case for particular marketing and communiciations initiatives, supported by precendent and marketing theory 

Lifestyle/Recreation and Urban Entertainment Centre

Calgary, AB (2011)

  • In-depth review of the current trends of recreation and lifestyle oriented retailing.

  • Identified the conditions that were needed to make such facilities succeed, and identified the advantages – market reach and sales productivity – which could be attained.

  • History and evolution of these retail/entertainment centres, with a series of project examples inventorying features, amenities, themes, and a contextual information.

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