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Transit-oriented Projects


Urbanics routinely works with transportation engineers as well as transportation/urban planners to identify the revenue potential of transit stations, select optimal sites for development, and to identify the lift in land values due to proximity to transit. These services typically include:


  • Land use studies that assist in long-range planning of a comprehensive transportation system

  • Identification of uplift in land values due to proximity to transit related assets

  • Preferred locations and incremental urban development opportunities occasioned by both transit and inter-modal stations

  • Parking demand created by the employment and commercial floor space

  • Identifying best locations for transit stations

  • Economic and fiscal impacts associated with property values/tax revenues

Some of our recent studies include:

Revenue Generating Opportunities For Transit Related Assets

Greater Vancouver, BC (2006)

The study made several recommendations to Translink for generating revenue by capitalizing on “financial “lifts” created by increased density and connectivity. The study also recommended:

  • The creation of a TransLink subsidiary for pursuing such transit-related development opportunities

  • Identification and development or re-development of transit impact zones (including sub-surface and/or air-rights) 

Broadway Line Study

Vancouver, BC (2010)

The study recommneded strategies that capture the “lift” in land values to off-set transit-oriented capital costs. The study examined:

  • Nine different combinations of routes and transit modes (LRT, BRT, and RRT) on land values (“lift”) along the proposed Broadway line

  • Estimated the land “lift”

  • Compared land “lift” to the expected capital cost of the transit infrastructure to evaluate the feasibility of each transit mode


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