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Residential Land Use Marketability Studies


We assess and identify market supported demand for residential land uses at a municipal level, neighbourhood level as well as at a specific site. These studies are designed to provide both micro-analyses as well macro-analyses of housing market trends in the community. These studies typically include extensive  quantitative analyses, such as:


  • Demographic and socio-economic analyses

  • Population and employment projections

  • Identify household formation in a geographic market

  • Site/Area assessments

  • Examine historical and current building activity

  • Examine sales prices, absorption rates, rental rates and vacancy levels

  • Forecast housing unit demand by tenure and type

  • Identify optimal unit sizes and mix

  • Likely sales prices and rental rates

  • Achievable land values

  • Identify housing tenure and type preferences by age group

  • Preferred phasing/timing of development

Some of our recent studies include:

Cimarron Project Land Use Market Study

Medicine Hat, AB (2011)

  • Examined demand for various types of residential dwellings and retail merchandising categories for an approximately 400 acre site 

  • It provided:

    • The level of market support, absorption, and general content of on-site land uses 

    • Recommendations related to developing and marketing a broad selection of dwelling types to several residential sub-markets at the same time

Viability of Multi-Family Rental Housing

Winnipeg, MB (2013)

The study examined the market as well as financial feasibility of a new purpose built rental housing on a 1 acre site in downtown Winnipeg. The study:

  • Assessed rental housing market in Downtown Winnipeg

  • Identified the level of market support for rental housing

  • Identified target consumers,  preferred unit types, sizes and rental rates

  • Provided a preliminary financial feasibility assessment 

Residential Market Assessment

Vernon, BC (2011)

The study examined the current and historical residential market chracteristics of the city of Vernon as well as the surrounding region. The study examined the:

  • Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the population

  • Housing market characteristics such as housing supply, housing inventory, and pricing etc


Lantzville Residential Study

Lantzville, BC (2009)

  • Investigated the market potential for residential land uses at a large site north of Nanaimo

  • Examined the level of market support, absorption rates, phasing, general content and market orientation for the project

  • Explored the demand for on-site lots according to various scenarios of growth and demand (low, medium and high)

Seymour Village, Seniors Housing

North Vancouver, BC (2000)

The study assessed the land use and marketability  and financial feasibility of the proposed Seymour Village Redevelopment project in North Vancouver, BC. The study evaluated:

  • The gap in the emerging demand and the anticipated supply for affordable senior’s housing in the City of North Vancouver, BC and its surrounding area

  • The development costs, pricing, absorption, phasing, product mix and the potential revenues to assess its long term financial viability

  • The study found a strong demand for multi-family housing and seniors housing

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