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Public Markets


We have had extensive involvement and have been on the cutting edge of some of the most respected and successful public markets and specialty retailing projects in North America. Some of our services include:

  • Identifying and exploiting merchandising/theming opportunities
  • Merchandizing surveys and consumer intercept surveys
  • Financial feasibility assessment
  • Market feasibility study
  • Creating customized merchandising concepts with unique destination-like qualities
  • Optimum tenant layout - creating robust 'people-place' opportunities
  • Implementation consulting
  • Leasing and operations management considerations
  • Impact assessments
Some of our notable studies include:

Gooderham and Worts National Historic District Adaptive Re-Use Study

Toronto, ON (1996)

  • Investigated from a marketing and merchandising perspective the possible retail themes and project components that would be ideal for the site

  • Respected the district's cultural/heritage value, and also its value in the context of many, appropriate, adaptive reuses

Granville Island

Vancouver, BC (1977-2008)

Urbanics was the principal creator of Granville Island’s festival market concept and has conducted numerous studies for this major local and tourist attraction , which includes a public market, a hotel, restaurants, a maritime market, and other commercial uses. Thes studies include:

  • Land use marketability studies

  • Financial analysis

  • Economic impact analysis

  • Layout planning

  • Development and implementation planning

  • Merchandising concepts

  • Implementation consulting

  • Leasing and operations management considerations

Hastings Park, Public Market/ Activity Garden

Vancouver, BC (1993)

  • Examined the Hastings Park redevelopment plans, and specifically focused on:

    • The market feasibility of the project

    • Appropriate retailing mix and concept for a public market and activity garden

    • The financial viability of each component of the project

River Market at Westminster Quay

New Westminster, BC (1984)

The study examined the feasibility of the development of the year-round Westminster Quay Public Market and adjacent commercial uses including the hotel, office and restaurant facilities. The study included:

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Economic feasibility analysis

  • Implementation consulting


Lonsdale Quay

North Vancouver, BC (1982)

The study examined the feasibility of developing a prominent festival public market and specialty retail complex along North Vancouver’s waterfront. The Lonsdale Quay complex  contains a fresh food market, an international food court, a boutique hotel and spa, and more than 80 specialty shops and services. The study included 

  • Market feasibility analysis

  • Financial feasibility analysis

  • Leasing and operations management considerations

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