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Merchandising Mix Analysis


We provide strategic merchandising mix services to retail developers. These services define market orientation and are critical for long-term economic viability of shopping centres. These services include:


  • Defining market orientation

  • Identifying and exploting merchandising/theming opportunities

  • Establishing 'destinationness'

  • Defining the mix of stores to cater to target markets

  • Tenant selection - organizing tenant mix in order to achieve optimum per customer dwell time

  • Exploiting impulse retailing activity

  • Ensuring that appropriate retail activities enhance placemaking objectives

  • Development timing  and phasing

  • Defining rent schedules, tenure and term

Some of our recent studies include:

Roundhouse Specialty Retail Study

Victoria, BC (2011)

The study assessed the market opportunity for retail goods and services and identified an optimal retail concept and preferred tenant mix at the heritage-oriented site. Emphasis was placed on specialty / festival retailing, specialty food outlets, arts/crafts retailing, social/special events programming, and festive entertainment. The study identified:

  • Unique festival retailing concepts, incorporating local merchants

  • Identification of key chain retailers, fitting the local demographic profile

  • Determination of market demand over a regional area, including tourist-type retail, and local retail needs

  • Quantified rent yield projections for the optimal development program taking into account market data benchmarks

  • Provided a range of marketing, implementation and operating recommendations

UBC AMS Student Union Building Market Study

Vancouver, BC (2011)

  • The study included a land use marketability and space planning study for the University’s AMS new Student Union Building

  • Identified the latent demand for on-campus retailing

  • Urbanics worked closely with the client and the architectural team to identify additional retail and public function space 

  • Given the unique location and market opportunity that was presented, the Consultant developed a comprehensive financial and leasing plan for the new facilities

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