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Lease vs Own / Lease vs Build


This category of services are a subset of financial feasibility analyses and assess the comparative advantages and disadvantages of leasing space versus owning or disposing of space, based on market risks and revenues. These studies typically include extensive financial modelling and quantitative analyses, such as:


  • Developer's / owner's proforma analysis

  • Present value and cash flow calculations

  • Competitive space availability

  • Lease rates and vancancy rates assessment

  • Assessment of competitive supply


Some of our recent studies include:


BC Pension Corp

Victoria, BC (2010 & 2012)

The study examined the financial implications of purchasing 2995 & 2975 Jutland (181,098 sq ft) vs maintaining existing leases at five locations (2995 Jutland, 2957 Jutland, 395 Waterfront, 320 Garbally and 450 Gorge Rd E) for BC Pension Corp. The study included sensitivity analyses to gauge risks, such as:

  • Market risks (interest rate, lease rates and vacancy)

  • Management risks related with the purchase option

BC Hydro Real Estate Financial Analysis

Vancouver BC (2010)

Urbanics maintains a long-standing relationship with BC Hydro’s real estate division, to conduct various real estate related financial analysis. Assignments range from the evaluation of leases, assessments of potential acquisitions, and other pro-forma analyses

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