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Layout Planning


Our services extend to providing physical planning of shopping centres, including the general layout and configuration, location of key tenants, space optimization, ingress and egress considerations, etc. Hundreds of shopping centres and retail destinations across North America and abroad have benefited from such services, which include:


  • Identifying and exploiting merchandising/themeing opportunities

  • Store location planning, including strategically locating major traffic generators

  • Optimization of store layouts

  • Optimization of pedestrian movements - Improving circulation and wayfinding objectives

  • Organizing retailing activity to generate optimum patronage and repeat/loyal clientele

  • Organizing space/environment as well as tenant mix in order to achieve optimum per customer dwell time

  • Identifying alternative ways of reducing operating expenses and/or capital cost by ensuring that retail space generates optimum net revenues/cash flows

Some of our notable studies include:

Interior Shopping Centre, Space Planning and Optimized Layout

Central City Food Court Expansion - Surrey, BC (2012)


The study examined the costs and benefits associated with expanding the food court at the Central City Shopping Centre. The study included:

  • Review of the shopping centre’s tenants, layouts and rental revenue

  • Market analysis

  • Demand forecasts for major retail categories

  • Forecast of warranted floor area

  • Review of industry trends and best practices

  • Strategies for developing a competitive food court amid Surrey’s rapidly evolving market


Location, Layout and Optimization of Retail Space

Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion - Vancouver, BC (2004)

Urbanics provided a retail market analysis and a range of schemes for the retail component of the recent expansion of the Vancovuer Convention Centre. In addition, Urbanics assisted with the marketing and disposition of the commercial-retail portion of the project.

Interior Regional Shopping Centre Planning and Layout

Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam, BC (1979)

Phil Boname, President of Urbanics, was extensively involved in the development and planning of the original Coquitlam Centre. When it opened in 1979 the mall’s anchor tenants included  Eatons, Woodwards, and the Bay.

Sinclair Centre Intercept and Wayfinding Study

Vancouver, BC (2004)

  • Recommended specific changes designed to:

    • Attract more traffic, particularly of a shopping orientation to the retail podium

    • Increase the dwell time of any and all pedestrians

    • Improve the signing program, directories, and other wayfinding facilities

    • Improve the retail podium's operational characteristics, in terms of occupancy rates, patronage levels, retail sales, and overall general viability and attraction

  • Involved conducting an on-site consumer intercept survey; an employment survey of on-site Government employees, and a survey designed for retail/service tenants

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