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                                                                          can benefit from a diverse and customized set of services that will identify ideal investment opportunities from a market as well as financial perspective. We can assist you in creating an optimized development program and securing approvals for a development. Our development services can not only maximize returns from an invesment opprotunity but also plan for any risks that may be encountered during a development and entitlement process. 


Developer related services:

Urbanics Consultants Ltd. was founded in 1976 by President, Philip Boname in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since establishment, Urbanics has evolved into one of Canada's leading firms of land economists, planners, policy analysts and development management consultants.  


We specialize in land use analysis, financial feasibility anlysis, downtown revitalization, transit studies, mixed-use developments, economic impact assessments, highest and best use studies and a variety of other urban planning and development policy related services for entire Municipalities and Regions.

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